Greek Salad on a Stick

The perfect appetizer is hard to find. Luckily.. I have found it! What is healthier, easier and more delicious than salad on a stick! I have a few recipe variations for this but the first that I am posting is Greek Salad on a Stick. It is very quick to assemble (which is always a plus because you never WANT to spend a lot of time making an appy) and its always a hit! There is a ton of flavour on these sticks without a lot of calories…in fact… its quite healthy! Its also gluten free and paleo friendly so you can please (almost) everyone.



-Grape Tomatoes                                       -Feta Cheese

-Cucumber                                                   -Red Onion

-Balsamic Glaze


These are extremely easy and pretty fun to assemble!

Per stick I use: 1/2  a Grape Tomato, 1/4 slice of Cucumber, 1/4 slice of Red Onion and 1/2 inch cube of Feta Cheese.

Assemble all of these pieces and keep them on the end of the stick so they are easy to eat for your guests. After assembled, drizzle balsamic glaze across the top and Voila! All done!

hint: The feta on these can be crumbly.. so put them on softly so they don’t break.




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