Superhuman Smoothie

I think that smoothies are absolutely delightful. Breakfast smoothies, lunch smoothies, protein shakes… the whole lot! Again, it really amazes me that something so yummy can be so healthy and nutrient rich!!

We are pretty obsessed with these things at my office.. our blender is on fire in the mornings, and sometimes the afternoons, blending up all kinds of fruit, veggies, protein powders, dairy… you name it! Our “Go To” smoothie consists of  pretty much everything except for the kitchen sink… tons of fruit, spinach, yogurt and some Webber Naturals All Green powder (we buy this powder from Costco.. its extremely good for you)… you can substitute, remove or add anything you like to this smoothie.. the possibilities are endless:)


Ingredients: (the proportions of this one are pretty much up to you… I usually make this for about 3 people at a time so adjust accordingly)

-1 Banana                                                   -1 handfull of fresh spinach

-1 fresh (or frozen) peach                       -1/2 cup plain green yogurt

-1 cup of blueberries                                 -1 cup of mixed berries

-1/4 cup mango                                         -2 scoops of ALL GREENS

– 2 cups of Coconut water (you can substitute juice or water if you prefer)


Blend it all up and ENJOY!!!!



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