Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to do something special for my Valentine today, and what better way to a mans heart then through food.. am I right?

sooooo I cheated.. I admittedly am a terrible baker, although I wish that wasn’t the case. I bought a box of cake mix (Duncan Hines French Vanilla) and a jar of vanilla icing and went to town in the kitchen. I decided that because I wasn’t making the cupcakes from scratch, I might as well add some extra touches to them.. make them a little special! I added unsweetened coconut to the icing and a to the mix as well, and the pink cupcake icing is vanilla, mixed in with fresh raspberries.. festive and delicious:)

If anyone out there has any baking tips or idiot proof recipes for me, please send them my way, I need HELP!




3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. These little mounds of joy were dropped off at my office… and promptly devoured by my co-workers. Easily the best 15 minutes of our days. We had a good laugh at the guy who didn’t get one because he decided he was too busy to get up when I brought them in. HA.

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